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Games At A Glance

Narrative, Quest & Character Concepts
Story Plotting, Outlining & Beating
In-Game Lore, Materials & 'Flavour Text'
Character Dialogue/Interaction Scripts
Branching & Linear Storywriting
Voice Scripting/Casting/Direction
Ready To Work In All Genres & Structures


Samples from shipped/permitted projects can be found in my public samples.

Samples from ongoing/shelved projects can be found in my private portfolio.
Due to privacy and permissions, the password to my portfolio can be provided upon request./shelved projects can be found in my private portfolio.

Samples and extracts in my portfolio are confidential and not for distribution.

Complete Ludography

Personal Works

Zoolaplex: Hostile Work Environment

mature AUDIO-DRAmedy series


The staff of an inexplicably awful multiplex band together to reopen, moonlighting in the city's lucrative criminal underworld to keep the business afloat.

Open to enquiries. Pilot script and treatment available on request.

SnaggeMon: A Grunt Dating Sim

Comedy adventure visual novel


Play as a bored SnaggeMon Champion, fifteen years into their so-called 'journey', when joining the bad guys starts to look more 'attractive' than it used to…

Open to enquiries. Demo available on

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