Game Highlights

Narrative, Quest & Character Concepts

Story Plotting, Outlining & Beating

In-Game Lore, Materials & 'Flavour Text'

Character Dialogue/Interaction Scripts

Branching & Linear Storywriting

Voice Scripting/Casting/Direction

Ready To Work In All Genres & Structures

Public Samples

(Samples from shipped projects or with clients' permission for public distribution)


Grand Guilds - PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch

Drix Studios

Opening cutscene redraft with expository VO narration.

Battle barks and conversational expression lines for VO use (with character summary) - Hertha.

Skeletal Dance Party loo


Skeletal Dance Party - PC

Catalope Games AB /No Studio In Particular Ltd.

Opening cutscene with intermittent gameplay actions.

Final boss opening cutscene with all characters present.

Samples from ongoing/shelved projects can be found in my portfolio.

Due to privacy and permissions, the password to my portfolio can be provided upon request.

Samples and extracts in my portfolio are confidential and not for distribution.

Infinite Adventures Logo


Infinite Adventures - PC/Xbox/PS4

Stormseeker Games

In-game battle bark sets for custom player character for VO use - Vain, Heroic, Intellectual.



Pumpkin Jack - PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch

Nicolas Meyssoneir / Headup Games

First level gameplay - includes narration scenes, cutscenes and incidental dialogue.

Assorted gameplay scenes - includes cutscenes and incidental dialogue.


Tumbleweed (Ludum Dare 46) - PC

Nicolas Meyssoneir

Full gameplay video including full poem displayed in bottom-left corner

Complete Game CV

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