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Hey, so… About Reece…

Reece Bridger - British Voice Actor And Writer For Video Games, Animation And More

Reece Bridger is a voice actor from the United Kingdom with a decade's worth of professional experience behind the mic, along with a litany of trained skills, passions and creative endeavours that conveniently support his voice-over artistry.

A writer since birth, Reece's first foray into voice acting began with the creation of 'Zoolaplex'—an irreverent workplace audio-dramedy series inspired by his big brother's experiences working in a cinema. Ever since, Reece has been privileged to work in a smorgasbord of incredible projects and fields, including 'Genshin Impact', 'Shadowverse', indie video games, anime dubs, and even an Austrian science museum!

But not satisfied only working with his mouth, Reece also puts his hands to good use as well! (Yes, I know how that sounds.) Armed with a 1st Class Honours degree in Creative Writing from the University of Winchester, Reece's services extend into writing and narrative design for video games, animations, audio-drama and other media—often working in tandem as a voice actor!

Reece is armed with a broadcast-quality home studio and an extensive range of vocal profiles, including accents, emotional expression, dramatic and comedic styles, improvisation, and ADR/dubbing proficiency.

But with as many experiences as these comes a wealth of experience, hindsight, and understanding of the hurdles faced by voice actors trying to compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Deciding to put his experiences getting started in VO to good use, Reece took a leap into the world of Casting Direction, founding No Studio In Particular Ltd. to build bridges between developers and talent across the world, while upholding high standards and ethical integrity.

It's a wonder he ever sleeps at all…

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