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All content enclosed here is property of the respective clients/developers, and all projects have been released in part or in full, or the relevant developers for these samples to be displayed publicly for portfolio purposes.


Rubber Duck Games - Shipped 2023
Action RPG - PC / Xbox / PS4 / Switch

'Evil Wizard is a humor-filled action RPG that puts you in the shoes of a former Final Boss. Rise from defeat, rediscover long lost powers, and fight to reclaim your castle from an army of so-called heroes.'

Hired primarily for my prior work on 'Pumpkin Jack', my primary responsibility on 'Evil Wizard' was adapting and expanding on original draft scripts with previously designed characters as well as fill out the rest of the game with dialogue incidentals and secenes, with a focus on comedic characterisation, Fourth Wall humour, and topical pastiches of current video game media/culture.


Over time, I was also asked to write various supplementary gags; achievements and collectibles; and barks for VO recording. I also got to create new major characters: Clapback and Kah'Rehnn, both of whom became quest-giving NPC's in the game's final product. I also served as the voice of the titular Evil Wizard, as well as the major NPC's Bloodymir and Clapback.

Opening Playthrough - Includes Opening Cinematic, Cutscene Dialogue, Incidental Dialogues, VO Barks, Tutorial Content, Collectible Content

All Boss Fights Playthrough - Includes Face-Off Dialogue, Battle Dialogue, VO Barks, Ending Scenes, Closing Cinematic

UI Titles & Descriptions - Contains In-Game Achievements and Collectibles, With Descriptions

'… this game’s unique blend of dark humor and fourth wall-breaking antics is an absolute masterpiece. The witty dialogue and clever references had me smiling ear to ear.'

- Xbox Tavern

'I really enjoyed the writing … the added bit of 4th-wall-breaking adlibs kept the game feeling campy and lighthearted.'

- GameTyrant

'This self-aware style is played out in almost all the game’s traits, exceptionally so in its characters and dialogue.'

- EIP Gaming

Aphelios Games - Ongoing Development
Turn-Based RPG/Social Sim - PC / Switch

'CyberThreat is an upcoming turn based RPG with life simulation elements, set in a modern day city. Can you win the war in CyberSpace, or will you fall to the viruses once and for all? Can you


One of my longest-term and most comprehensive writing clients to date, I joined the 'CyberThreat' project after the departure of a former writer/editor stunted progress. I immediately resumed progress writing the game's main story content and editing existing character side stories. From there, I began working closely with the creator on an almost-complete narrative overhaul to give the game, its story and characters their own unique identity from others in the genre.

In addition to writing linear and branching scenes and dialogue, I've pitched new major characters, plot devices and story points; ludo-narrative features including stat-adjustive events and devices; narrative design features; key theme/tone points; and additional promotional content and copy.


Movie Event Sequence - Includes Character Dialogue Scripts, Player Choices and Branching Dialogue, Diverging Routes with Room for Stat-Adjustive Choice Outcomes

Arachne Battle Sequence - Includes Character Dialogue Scripts, Player Choices and Branching Dialogue, Conditional Battle Lines

Character Expressives & Battle Barks for VO Recording Purposes - Adlai/Sudo, Conrad/Lodestar and Kaori/Oni


Nicolas Meyssonnier / Headup Games - Shipped 2020
3D Platformer - PC / Xbox / PS4 / Switch

'Arc-En-Ciel falls! When the kingdom is cursed by the Devil and plagued by armies of monsters for the Evil One's amusement, the King tasks a Wizard to break the curse. But the Devil has allies, too. Play as Stingy Jack, the legendary conman, on a quest to stop the Wizard and doom the world!'

My primary responsibility on 'Pumpkin Jack' was to adapt an original draft dialogue script into a final draft, with a focus on characterisation, humour and tone. From there, I also helped to develop the game's premise and plot beyond its original state; expand further on key characters and their motivations, character dynamics, etc.; and prepare my work for implementation and translation.

The writing for 'Pumpkin Jack' was very well-received in reviews and among fans. Beyond the game's original content, I also wrote DLC content for a Christmas update; scripts for tie-in animations and a proposed audio prequel; and a number of pitched story ideas for potential sequels/expansions. I was also brought back to work on the client's follow-up title, 'Akimbot'.

Level 1 Playthrough - Includes Opening Cinematic with Narration, Dialogue Throughout Level, Boss Face-Off Dialogue

Final Boss Playthrough - Includes Face-Off Dialogue, Battle Dialogue, Ending Scene, Closing Cinematic with Narration

'Jack's Letters to Santa - Supplementary hidden lore content for Christmas DLC

'… the writing doesn’t falter once. It’ll absolutely make you want to chat with every character and read every bit of dialogue'

- Gaming Trend

'… the dialogue remains constantly fun throughout the roughly five to eight experience.'

- WellPlayed

'Pumpkin Jack has no voice acting, so characterization relies entirely on dialogue, and in that it succeeds.'

- TechRaptor


NOWWACorp - Public Beta Shipped 2022
Parkour Hero Shooter - PC (Development Paused)

'BulletVille is a badass, brutal, fun, fast-paced third-person parkour hero shooter & platformer inspired by the classic team arena shooters of the past, mixed with modern game mechanics, featuring unique parkour movement, hero classes, vehicles, tons of guns and many game modes.'

My first and longest-running game writing/narrative design role, I joined the 'BulletVille' project in its infancy as the voice of the playable hero character Trax; I then became the casting and voice director, and began working to construct a proper narrative, story/lore and character line-up for what was otherwise a stylistically bombastic but otherwise barebones project.

On top of writing all character VO barks, map descriptions, mission outlines, background and world lore, and even a few potential PvE storylines, I created several narrative-driving non-hero characters such as Tarvos Wayward and Dagny Arcand, who would become the game's announcers. I also wrote scripts for trailers and a number of potential creative directions for new characters, missions and seasonal content.

Gameplay Trailer - Includes Character Gameplay Barks and VO Narration by Narrator/Announcer Character Tarvos Wayward

Map Descriptions (Archived) - Includes Descriptions of Battlefield Maps and Relevant Lore, With Links to Other Content

Character Barks for VO Recording Purposes - All Playable Heroes and Announcer Characters


Baby Lumberjack - Early Access (Shipping 2024)
Stealth Adventure-Comedy - PC

'Embark on a hilarious, heartwarming, and chaotic adventure as the World's Worst Handyman! Tackle tasks, dodge foes like haunted scarecrows and dinosaurs, and save an animal shelter from bankruptcy in this comedy-stealth journey.'

Hired for my work on 'Pumpkin Jack', my primary responsibility on 'World's Worst Handyman' was to write a series of level introductions, task titles and victory screen 'reviews'. However, the further we went into development, the more I was able to do. Every level received a characterful 'client' to deliver the introductions and reviews, which required characterisation and personality, and I also came up with a secondary NPC to serve as the silent protagonist's partner in the hub world.

Beyond that, collaborating with the developer I was able to pitch, outline, write and finalise a final level for the game that featured a fittingly humorous villain and other NPC's, which gave the game a charmingly low-key overarching plot. I also helped reimagine the game's intro and ending.

Demo Playthrough - Includes Opening Cutscene, Hub World Dialogue/Tutorial, Level Set-Ups, Victory Dialogues & Task Lists


Drix Studios - Shipped 2020
Tactical RPG - PC / Switch

'Story-driven, tactical RPG with unique card combat mechanics. Embark on an epic journey with Eliza and her companions and discover the mysterious world of Irin, a continent on the brink of war.'

After I joined the 'Grand Guilds' project early on as the casting director and the voice of Paco Okami, I was later asked to assist with late-stage writing tasks including revamping the script for the game's opening cinematic cutscene for VO recording purposes, in order to give a more dramatic and comprehensive tone for the game's premise.

I was also asked to write VO barks for a number of minor characters, including enemies and monsters, for use by their voice actors following a casting call that I managed and directed.

Opening Playthrough - Includes Rewritten Opening Cinematic

Character Bark Set for VO Recording Purposes - Duchess Hertha


Zeth - Shipped 2022
Boss Rush Action RPG - PC

'Bound By Blades is an Indie Action-RPG with a focus on intense boss battles. Experience the thrill of Boss Rushes with the wholesomeness of a cozy Indie RPG as you confront ferocious foes, collect loot, and craft epic gear to fortify yourself for the challenges ahead.'

My primary responsibilities on 'Bound By Blades' were to revamp existing early stage dialogue from NPC's appearing in a number of main hub worlds, as well as adapting old enemy descriptions and creating a semblance of lore and character arcs throughout what would otherwise be a pretty slim game.

Throughout development of the game's story we were able to restructure the story to include all three playable characters in new cutscenes, iron out creases in the game's existing premise and lore, and create more identifiable backstories and personalities for the existing NPC's. Finally, we I was able to pitch and write a satisfying and fitting conclusion for the game's story mode.

Full Playthrough - Includes Cutscenes, Hub World Dialogues, NPC Interactions, Tutorials, Item Descriptions


Stormseeker Games - Shipped 2018
Dungeon Crawler RPG - PC / Xbox / PS4 / Switch

'A dungeon crawling RPG inspired by classic dungeon RPGs; with fresh new mechanics for exploration, combat, and progression. You are the Traveler, a hero with a forgotten memory. Assemble your party and explore the Infinite Labyrinth to discover the truths of your past.'

I was asked to join the 'Infinite Adventures' team at a late stage in the game's development, during the recording stage for voice actors. Being cast as the voice of Lord Royce Holliday, I was told all script content for the game's narrative and NPC's had already been written; however, I was asked to write sets of VO barks for the custom playable character voice packs, separated by personality types. These barks were recorded in sets by various voice actors for male and female characters and could be selected when creating custom party members as well as the main player character.

Playable Character Bark Sets for VO Recording Purposes - 'Vain', 'Heroic' & 'Intellectual' Personality Sets

Samples from ongoing/shelved projects can be found in my private portfolio.
Due to privacy and permissions, the password to my portfolio can be provided upon request.

Samples and extracts in my portfolio are confidential and not for distribution.

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