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Disciples of Blood

Buan - Book III (Published 2016)

Buan: Disciples Of Blood

As their long, arduous journey continues to spiral downwards, and the odds continue to be stacked against them, the Harmons and their friends are losing their way. The pressure is mounting and luck isn’t paying them any favours. They are destined by Luxa to face off with a great evil and save their world.

But before that happens, they have to stop facing off with each other.

While fires break out between the Buan, in the blood-soaked deserts of Ignitica someone is fanning the dying embers of rebellion among the slaves of Nalens-Rama. A stranger with big promises and lofty goals has his heart set on leading a free Greigon race, no matter what it takes.

And beyond everything, dark questions remain unanswered. How did the mysterious Carceroz survive his fight with the Artisan? Why have Remnus and Karnoha fallen in line behind him? What is he truly planning?

And why is he so afraid of L.C.?

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