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Company Of Heroes

Buan - Book II (Published 2016)

Buan: Company Of Heroes

Stranded, lost and alone in the world they are destined to save, the Harmons are forced to leave their old lives behind and embark upon their journey. Their success will vanquish an ancient evil, but their failure will damn their world. They have no idea where to go, what to do, or who they will come across.

And as far as they can tell, it seems that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

As pressures mount, the Buan, Luxa's chosen heroes, are forced to meet new dangers, push their boundaries, and question everything they ever thought about their world. They will have to face monstrosities, revisit the ghosts of their past, and forge unlikely alliances.

And yet, their journey is destined to be dogged by uncertainty and despair. How do the Greigons really live? Who is their elusive silver-haired benefactor? Why has a dragon returned to Cornelia?

And perhaps the most troubling question:
Who, or what, is Bo?


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$18.99 / £10.99 / CDN$24.99

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