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Looking For A Game Writer/Narrative Designer?

Reece Bridger

From concepts to conversations, RPGs to JVNs, game jams titles to award-winning console releasesvideo games are my bread and butter! With a 1st Class degree in Creative Writing from the University of Winchester and over a decade of writing experience, I'm here to put your characters, quests and stories on paper!

I've worked on titles spanning every genre, platform and target demographic. From 'Grand Guilds' to 'CyberThreat', 'Pumpkin Jack' to 'BulletVille', I make it my mission to bring out the best in your ideas and projects!

Visit my writing page and password-protected portfolio to see more!

Are you working on a game? Send me an email for more information and enquiries!

How about A voice actor?

Whether I'm voicing smarmy rivals, sarcastic robots, or mischievous creatures from magical worlds, I'm a man of many voices! With a fully-furbished home studio producing broadcast-quality recordings with a turnaround of 24—72 hours, I can deliver top-notch recordings for use in animation, games, commercials and more!

I'm a British voice in the mid-high male range, with training in a plethora of accents and acting styles! I have over nine years of professional experience, and I've voiced in games, anime, several web-series, audio-dramas, trailers, and even an Austrian science museum!

Check out my demo reels, résumé and character wall through my VO page!

Do you need a voice actor for your project? Send me an email and let's talk!

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