Character Demo (2020)
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What i offer

  • Natural Posh/RP Accent

  • Top-Notch Home Studio

  • 6 Years' Pro Experience

  • Expressive Performance

  • Live or Self-Direction

  • Retakes/Pickups Included

  • Mid/Mid-High Male Range

  • 24-72 Hour Turnaround

  • Yelling/Screaming

  • Creature Voices

  • Rates by Line, Word or Hour

  • ADR/Lipsync/Dubbing


Justin Villegas - Drix Studios

Grand Guilds

Paco Okami

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with Reece. Very professional and highly talented. The character he voices just oozes with personality and life."

ds-sans - DEVGRU-P

Chemically Bonded

Ken Takahashi

"Having cast our character late into our production schedule, Reece was able to deliver the lines requested in an extraordinarily timely manner, with great passion for the project and superb quality in both vocal talent and audio quality."

Trey Santerre - Stormseeker Games

Infinite Adventures

Lord Royce Holliday

"Reece is talented, timely, and professional. He wrote voice lines for 40 different character personalities that really brought life to the characters. He also voice acted Royce Holliday, and was able to breathe life into a character with a large number of emotional scenes."

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