I see you’ve managed to find your way onto my website! Welcome to! Well, let me give you a proper introduction: I’m Reece Bridger, a young author and voice actor currently living in England. I’m in the process of publicising my first book, information on which is findable on the ‘Books’ page linked above, ‘The Perfect Mortals’, as well writing its sequel, ‘Company of Heroes’, filled to the brim with magic and coolness, information on which will go on the books page shortly!! I’ve made this website to act as a central hub for all things me! I know how self-centered that sounds, but it’s kind of the whole point of this website in the first place, so... yeah.

Of course, this website doesn’t get updated incredibly often, so feel free to subscribe to my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels on the buttons above! For further information about... well, anything about myself in general, click the ‘About’ tab. For occasional blogs into my world and my process, click ‘News’. And, if you want a little bit of advice about contacting me in any way, shape or form, go to the ‘Contact’ page. This website will expand as my book comes closer to and is eventually published, so keep an eye out for any updates that may or may not occur, (probably blog entries)! More features and lots of other cool stuff coming soon; perhaps including spoilers and even the occasional contest!
Reece Bridger
What’s Happening?

A lot. Like, a real lot. We’ve got not only the release of ‘Company of Heroes’ back in January to be excited about, but also the release of Zoolaplex’s first five episodes! The series has got off to a great start so far, and we’re expanding our fanbase every day! For more news and updates, be sure to check out my newest blog entry under the News page found above! Happy reading/listening!